Coaching Initiatives

I educate, advise, and coach business leaders and executives within the LBM and Home Center Industry in how to increase sales, boost employee morale, recruit excellent talent, and strategically assess the overall health of their company or organization. Unlike a typical business consultant, I offer dynamic Industry Specific perspectives with solutions and innovations immediately applicable to our sector’s unique challenges and opportunities.

A Professional Coach delivers an unparalleled jump start to a new level of personal and professional achievement. After a thorough assessment of what you desire and require for the changes needed, a customized blend of academics, practical application, and coaching dialogue will be designed. A calendar of coaching sessions via phone, video conference, and continuous email access will be established. The objective is to catalyze new habits, thinking, and potent principles that serve the desired outcomes. Ken will challenge, inspire and guide you to new levels of excellence.

By working with me you will gain clarity and focus as an executive while also engaging and taking the steps required to increase your business’s bottom line and improve your company’s overall productivity in challenging economic times. I guarantee you will not only be inspired professionally, but personally as well as we explore all the dimensions of business and life success.

6 Month Personal Coaching Package


* Weekly phone/video conferences customized for your unique situation and challenges

* Indepth guidance for enhancing or reengineering your Margin Enrichment Strategy.

* Coaching to integrate new habits and cultural change

* Coaching assistance in designing your new systems

*Coaching assistance in selecting key stakeholders (in the design of your new systems)

* Processes for realizing results FAST

12 Month Comprehensive Excellence Partnership 

(only 2 Slots are available)

$45,000.00 (plus travel/lodging related to the initiative)

At times a more comprehensive Coaching Partnership will best serve top leaders and executive teams. The 12-Month Comprehensive Excellence Partnership is designed to support the direct implementation of Gross Margin Mastery elements presented in the 10-week journey.

The 12-month Comprehensive Excellence Partnership is a robust choice for enhanced gross margins and rapid development of your organizations thinking and habits to fully meet the challenges and opportunities ahead for our industry.

After a discovery assessment of the cultural and structural condition of your organization, a Coaching Plan will be designed to powerfully address the needed advancements in your executive and top management team that will foster a culture of excellence throughout the company in areas of Finance, Team Recruitment, Retention and Development, Operations or Sales, Merchandising and Marketing.

The 12 Month Comprehensive Excellence Initiative also includes:

* A minimum of two monthly Coaching Calls via phone or video conference

* Continuous access via email for guidance, accountability and encouragement

*Three Two-Day On-site sessions with top leaders to move your game along with focus