4 Point Executive Excellence Assessments

An Excellence Assessment leads to a map for comprehensive rapid and sustained organizational improvement. Such an assessment includes 3 or more days on-site with senior executives, location and division managers, and other designated key team members. We take a detailed look at current practices and culture in the following areas: Financial Performance and Practices, Operational Execution, Human Resources Practices (especially related to recruitment, retention, and talent development) and all aspects of Revenue Generation (merchandising/buying, marketing and sales management).

After the assessment Ken will provide you with the following: a full debriefing, a summary of findings, and a map of suggestions leading to poignant improvement. Whether a single location company or a multiple location organization, the benefits of a seasoned, proven, masterful coach digging into your culture is one of the most strategic things you can do to grow your business and bottom line.

Contact Ken Wilbanks directly to discuss your assessment or coaching needs. Fees depend on the number of locations, scope of work, and the depth of post-event coaching desired.