Margin Mastery: 10 Week Online Intensive

Class Overview

With record high costs of doing business, business leaders must be more intentional than ever in the management of their gross margins if they are to continue to be a profitable operation.

Ken Wilbank’s new Gross Margin Mastery class is a 10-week online journey through each of the prime aspects of mastering Gross Margin Management. There will be a keen focus on the eight distinct, deeply connected fields of focus – from high intensity sales management, to potent loss prevention, to intentionally developed special order program development. Each of the eight elements of focus will be explained in depth. We will discuss how each affects your gross margin and how to turn weaknesses into purposeful enhancements to your company’s profitability.

An organization attentive to the best practices and core principles will be able to take these purposeful actions, apply them to your business practices and see immediate and sustained improvements to sales, gross margin and to the bottom line.

“The gross margin mastery course couldn’t have been directed by a more passionate and inspiring speaker. Ken clearly presents his many years of experience in the building industry with the many examples that anyone in the field encounters on a regular basis. Ken was happy to spend time outside of the course or take questions during, which I highly encourage. Ken understands more than most, the challenges in the business and is still well acquainted with new challenges the industry brings.”

Mat Brobst – Margin Mastery Online Course Participant

This ten-week journey includes:

October 10th 9:00 am – 10:30 am (LIVE Online Meeting) Overview – Watering the Money Tree

  • Mastery Element 1 – Self-Worth and Salesmanship
  • Mastery Element 2 – Potent Sales Management – Pervasive and Relentless
  • Mastery Element 3 – Pricing Integrity – Consistency and Stability
  • Mastery Element 4 – Product Category Penetration

November 14th 9:00 am – 10:30 am (LIVE Online Meeting) – Review of first four elements, clarification and Q&A

  • Mastery Element 5 – The Special-Order Opportunity
  • Mastery Element 6 – Vendor Partnerships and Program Selling
  • Mastery Element 7 – Stopping the Leaks! Keys to Minimizing Inventory and Gross Margin Losses
  • Mastery Element 8 – The Capacity to Transcend Legacy Habits and Thinking

December 5th 9:00 am – 10:30 am (LIVE Online Meeting) – Review of final elements, clarification and Q&A.

All attendees will have access to live individual coaching with Ken Wilbanks throughout this series.

“Ken is a truly great coach, mentor, and strategic partner.  He is the rare mix of enthusiasm, passion, and real-world, been-there-done-that, LBM industry experience. Ken’s industry expertise and his honest and wise counsel were indispensable to my successful transition into the LBM industry.”              

Scott Boros – Margin Mastery Online Course Participant


“I most appreciated your pacing out the content in chunks to better absorb the material. You are also so giving of your time and resources, I feel I have material I can reference for years to come. There is simply too much content to take in and implement during the course. But given that you gave out an abundance of handouts, I can go back to tackle specific topics as needed when the time comes. And I can’t say enough about your knowledge of the content. No topic is off limits. A call can start on one topic, and end on another due to a more immediate need, allowing for dynamic conversations to solve the problems of modern building supply companies. Thank you!”

Kelly Glasscock – Margin Mastery Online Course Participant