With over forty-five years of direct experience, I’m uniquely suited to guide your organization to unprecedented excellence in sales achievement, merchandising, marketing, management development and executive skills refinement.

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Hi, I’m Ken – it’s great to meet you.

I’m passionate about leading you and your team through simple and powerful steps to create a Culture of Excellence.

My keynotes, online programs, skills development workshops, and comprehensive executive leadership coaching combine proven methods with innovative new thinking.

You’ll develop the winning attitudes and sharpened aptitudes that lead to powerful actions, and experience immediate and lasting measurable results.

Online programmes

Ken’s Autumn 2023 Online Program: Gross Margin Mastery
10 Week Intensive

Ken’s annual Gross Margin Mastery class is a 10-week online journey through each of the prime aspects of mastering Gross Margin Management. There will be a keen focus on the eight distinct, deeply connected fields of focus – from high intensity sales management, to potent loss prevention, to intentionally developed special order program development.


4 Point Executive Excellence Assessments

Roundtable Facilitation

Coaching Initiatives


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